Showtech Explorer 575 Spot

A state of the art moving-head without any compromise. That is what the Explorer 575 stands for. It is a fully equipped moving head with a powerful MSR-575 lightsource. It has two gobo wheels: one gobowheel with rotating gobo’s (3 metal gobo’s, 2 dichroic gobo’s and 1 solid glass gobo) and one gobowheel with fixed gobo’s (9 metal gobo’s). Due to the combination of the two gobowheels more than 60 effects can be achieved. To create extra effects the Explorer 575 Spot is equipped with a 3-facet rotating prism. The Explorer 575 Spot creates vivid colours due to its 2 colour-wheels. Each colourwheel has 9 colours and white. Also CTC (3200-6000K) filters are included in the colourwheel. Due to the combination of the two colourwheels the Explorer 575 Spot can produce more than 90 colours. The beam can be adjusted by the DMX-controlled iris, as well as the zoom function (15, 18, 22 degrees). To create crispy images in any position the Explorer 575 is equipped with a DMX-controlled focus. Furthermore it has an automatic Pan and Tilt repositioning system, as well as a 16-bit resolution.

16 DMX Channels
Strobe (1-10 Hz)
Zoom (15, 18, 22 degrees)
Fixed gobowheel (9 metal gobo’s)
Rotating gobowheel (3 metal, 2 dichroic, 1 solid glass gobo)
2 Colourwheels
Colour correction filter (3200K – 6000K)
16 bit resolution
Auto repositioning system
Digital DMX addressing
Power Supply 240V / 50 Hz
Rated power: 850W
Pan movement: 530 degrees
Tilt movement: 280 degrees
Dimensions (LxWxH): 465 x 450 x 580 mm
Weight: 32 kg

Link manual: Explorer 575 Spot –

Preț vănzare echipament second hand : 850 eur/ perechea cu case de transport –  2 perechi disponibile